Today customers are more than kings.

Companies can no longer differentiate themselves
on product and price alone. The most important point of differentiation comes from customers’ experience with a company, a brand, a product.

More than 80% of managers believe
their company provides
great customer experience.
Less than 50% of their customers agree.

60% of customers will leave for a competitor
if they have one bad experience with a company.
Only 4% will tell them before doing so.

On the other hand 86% of buyers
are willing to pay more for a better
customer experience.

Customers expect personal, engaging experiences that foster
relationships. Relationships that build customer loyalty
and advocacy, which in turn increase revenue to a company
by extending the customer lifetime value.
Statistics prove this over and over.

We are a group of Customer
Experience experts.

Our mission is to help companies navigate
in the troubled waters of customer
experience - from developing complex,
consistent Customer Experience strategies
to their implementation in the form of
accurate marketing and advertising tools.

We have been active on the market since the early 90s, the beginning
of modern marketing and advertising in Poland.

We love challenges. We love tangible results. And good coffee. Black. Strong.


Aldona Janasik

tel: 602 335 490